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Compare Title Insurance Policies

Protection from financial loss due to the following... Standard (2006) Homeowners (2008)
Claims of owneship by someone else after closing. X X
Problems with a document not signed properly at closing or recorded incorrectly at the Recorders Office. X X
Claims of forgery, fraud, or duress that occur prior to or at closing. X X
Your sellers creditor attempting to enforce a lien or judegment against your property for the sellers debt. X X
The inability of you to sell your property due to a title problem caused by a previous owner of the property. X X
Restrictive covenants that affect your property but that have not been disclosed to you. X X
Finding that you do not have legal access to the property X X
Continuation of Coverage if a spouse of the insured receives title because of dissolution of marriage, that Trustee to whome that insured conveys, or the benefaciaries of the insider's trust upon death of the insured. X X
Gap Coverage as to matters recorded before the seller's Deed. X X
Problems with creation or recording of a document(s) electronically X X
Post Policy Forgery and Fraud Protection   X
Provides you with pedestrian and vehicular acces to the property.   X
Foreced correction or removal of an existing violation of covenants, conditions or restrictions   X
Loss of title because of a violation, before the insured acquired title, of covenants, conditions or restrictions existing violations of subdivision laws or regulations, resulting in inablilty to obtain a building permit, requiring correction or removal of the violation, or refusal to perform a contrat to buy, lease or make a mortgage loan. *(Risk 19)   X
Forced removal or remedy of an exisiting structure (other than a boundary wall or fence) because any part of the structure was built without obtaining a proper building permit. *(Risk 18)   X
Forced removal or remedy of exisiting structures (other than a boundary wall or fence) because they violate an existing zoning law or zoning regulation. *(Risk 19)   X
Encroachments of existing structures onto a neighbor's land *(Risk 21), neighbor's existing structures on your land, existing structures onto an easement or over a building set-back lineo r a neighbor's structure (other than boundary walls or fences) onto your land after Policy Date.   X
Damage to existing structures because of use or maintenance of any easement.   X
Damage to existing or future improvements because of the future use of the surface of the land to extract or develop minerals, water or other substances.   X
Suppplemental taxes for a period before Policy Date because of construction or change of ownership or use that occurred before Policy Date.   X
The residence with the address shown in Schedule A is a not located on the land at Policy Date.   X
Stated substitute residence rental expenses and expenses of relocation, if the insured cannot use the Land.   X
Automatice increase Coverage of up to 150% of Policy Amount over 5 years.   X
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